Attract, retain and develop your teaching faculty with lifelong learning

Attract, retain and develop your teaching faculty with lifelong learning

Any premium Institution like yours is aware that infrastructure and teaching curriculum don’t just impact students. They are critical to Faculty too because they  too need to upgrade their knowledge base on a continual basis. This not only requires access to advanced training programs and relevant infrastructure, but also flexible hours for participating in such training because Faculty schedules are normally tight and free time for self-improvement is hard to find. 

What your Faculty need therefore is a training system that is, one, a step ahead of their own knowledge base, and, two, can adapt to their needs of short bursts of study at their convenience and at their place. Research also shows that byte-sized learning is more effective than longer hours of training, so this method of spaced out study is more efficient too. 

Affordability is also a concern. High costs can put off Institutions from taking on training courses for their Faculty. 

Abhyaz offers virtual technology infrastructure with pay-as-you-use flexibility. It allows for Faculty to access a variety of training programs, while also allowing colleges to give their Faculty the freedom to upskill themselves without affecting their routine schedules. All at affordable costs.

What’s more, Abhyaz’s virtual instrutor-led training is extremely useful to those who have limited access to good instructors, enabling people from any  part of the world to connect with the best trainers from across the globe.


An Institution that attracts better talent, enjoys higher retention, and boasts better quality of Faculty.