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Effective Digital Learning: Its Vital Role in the Future

Effective Digital Learning: Its Vital Role in the Future

Vikash Sah (
NIT, Arunachal Pradesh
(Student of an Abhyaz Program)

In this ever-growing digital age, a large number of students are slowly but steadily moving towards online digital courses in almost every field including business, arts, engineering as well as programming languages and technical tools. Also commonly known as eLearning, digital classrooms are coming up rapidly in all streams around the world, and the learners are eagerly filling up the seats. Not only is digital learning a vastly advanced technological medium but it also provides the learners with a great deal of flexibility, allowing them to study at any time from any place at their own convenient speed without worrying about timetables and schedules. The students, for the first time, also have the liberty to choose what they what to learn and what they don’t. This advantage has made digital learning hugely popular, not only among engineering students but also students involved in many different fields. There are a few basics which, when applied to digital learning classrooms, improve student engagement as well as their interest. These basic principles are applicable to all kinds of digital learning courses be its language skills, process training skills or even soft skills. For engineers, the digital learning platform is a blessing as it allows students to grasp the most fundamental concepts sitting in the comfort of their rooms. 

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The Rise of Robotics and Automation During Covid-19

Rise of Robotics and Automation During Covid-19

The following blog is based on an article by Dr. Ankush Ghosh, Associate Professor and HOD, Robotics and Automation Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science, The Neotia University, West Bengal.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, governments across the globe have attempted to strictly implement social distancing measures, bringing the reality of the new normal into our daily lives and even our work culture. In a country like India where social gathering is an integral part of people’s livelihoods, following the government’s declaration of lockdown, there have been numerous debates about the methods to manage the situation. Lockdown has had an adverse effect on the GDP, and unlike developed countries, Industries in India rely heavily on human labor to flourish.

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The Pandemic has Forced the Manufacturing Sector to Recognize the Transformative Potential of Automation

Transformative Potential of Automation in Manufacturing

In the midst of an uncertain economic environment, while the world is moving towards new modes of functioning during the pandemic, many have argued that the implementation of automation will play an important role in meeting challenges in manufacturing. With social distancing continuing to play a crucial role in curbing the spread of the virus, companies have been forced to consider the creative use of digital technologies to maintain a consistent workflow.

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Cobots: Paving the Way for Intelligent Collaboration Between Humans and Robots

Collaboration between humans and robots

The following blog is based on an article by Mr. Mohsin Dalvi, under the guidance Dr, Shital S. Chiddarwar, Department of Mechanical engineering, VNIT Nagpur.

Industrial robots are capable of performing repetitive tasks with accuracy, high speed, and endurance. Humans, on the other hand, possess the    creativity and dexterity necessary to understand and adapt to changing operating environments. Therefore, a successful collaboration between human abilities and robots that synergizes each one’s strength is crucial to bring down costs of production and enhance efficiency of tasks.

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Where is Manufacturing Headed with the ‘Internet of Things’?

IoT in Manufacturing

The Internet of Things has completely broken down barriers in various industries. This transformative quality of IoT is all the more pronounced in Manufacturing, carrying with it a capability to introduce dynamic and interconnected systems of operations and monitoring in the place of traditionally linear ones.

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Navigating the Current Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Identifying the Gaps

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The ongoing discourse on advanced manufacturing technologies during the COVID19 pandemic has shone light on the fact we have entered the era of complete digitization. Overnight, governments, business, health care providers, even educational institutions have moved their operations online. As citizens and consumers, we are slowly growing accustomed to new levels of tele-working and tele-communications, and have found new ways of enhancing efficiency in the digital realm.

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Exploring Digital Twin (part 2)

Exploring digital twin

The following blog on Digital Twin is a continuation of an earlier article: Digital Twin: What is it, and What is it useful for?

Smart Factory covers the following aspects of the Digital Twin concept:

  • Digital Twin Product with Product Manufacturing.
  • Digital Twin Production with Integrated Manufacturing System
  • Digital Twin Performance with Industrial IoT System
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Digital Twin: What is it, and What is it useful for?

Digital twin in engineering

Digitization has left a significant mark on the world economy, opening up possibilities previously unimaginable. Today, successful companies are leveraging the opportunities offered by complete digitization, to great effect: lowered costs, improved quality, individualized production, improved flexibility, faster response to customer and market demands, and greater adaptability to new business models. We are in the midst of a digital industrial revolution, and it is a process that has changed the way we think about doing business.

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Upgrading Your Skills in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Does Professional Certification Matter?

Upgrade your skills

Learning how to implement new skills is, without a doubt, the most important tool to solidify your place in an organization and eventually become successful in your career. Whether it’s a new career opportunity or climbing the ladder to a senior role within your organization, upgrading your skills enhances your value, helps you establish credibility, and increases your chances of furthering your career as a professional. 

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Blended Learning Paves the Way for Future of Skill Development

Blended learning

E-Learning has had a massive surge in popularity in recent years, with institutions and organizations gradually grasping its transformative power. Today, a number of schools are offering online programs – and individual students greatly benefit from the opportunity to actively search until they find one that meets their needs. 

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