Design and deliver practice-based training online to a broader audience

Design and deliver practice-based training online to a broader audience

As teaching faculty in an institution, or a trainer or mentor in your own right, you are constantly on the lookout for widening your sphere of influence and expanding your prospect base of students.

To do so, it is imperative that you have access to a wide range of ready, high-quality study material that is reliable, interesting and up to date, accessible anytime and at an affordable cost. Such a repertoire of digital online study material and structured courses which keeps pace with the needs of industry is the answer to your growth plans.

Abhyaz offers this in Advanced Manufacturing Technology. and has been designed by trainers and for training faculty and learners in institutions and corporates. With 100+ courses, 1000+ hours of engaging multimedia content and a variety of practice software on Industry 4.0 technologies such as CNCs, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics, Abhyaz gives you a broad base on which to structure your training programs and grow your business/classes. 

Abhyaz offers you newer and customized training programs with data-driven assessments. While many standard programs are available in these areas, application-based experiential programs like Abhyaz are rare. 

Unlike traditional programs that restrict users geographically, the availability of a wide range of programs that can be taken anytime-anywhere online, and the virtual infrastructure and access to remote trainers that Abhyaz offers, make it easy for you to ramp up your training programs and deliver them across a wider audience, even across the world.


Jump on to the Abhyaz bandwagon… and expand your audience both geographically and technologically!