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Digital Manufacturing Internship

How It Works

Internship Intro 1

Our internships are 4 to 6 week remote work from home opportunities designed to develop your professional acumen with real time projects in a team environment.

Internship Intro 2

Our in-depth technical assessments identify your skill gaps, and we help you bridge over them with our relevant skill development programs and trainer guidance.

Internship Intro 3

Our team of technical mentors and industry professionals guide you through every step of the way while executing creative engineering projects and industrial case studies.

Internship Intro 4

We ensure you succeed and gain valuable hands on experience needed by employers today with relevant expertise on collaboration and engineering software.

Internship Intro 5

Showcase your talent and build your portfolio online to share with employers and on social media, build your job-ready resume to demonstrate your competencies.


Abhyaz platform offers…

  • Collaborative community learning platform.
  • Engineering and simulation software accessible from your browser.
  • 100+ interactive e-Learning courses.
  • Guidance from industry mentors for industry-relevant outcomes.
  • Online skills portfolio to share with future employers.

Abhyaz interns develop…

  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Ability to work effectively in diverse remote team settings.
  • Self-start ability to learn, adapt, and grow independently.
  • Commitment and persistence in the remote work environment.
  • Communication skills to share complex ideas and concepts.

Together we create…

  • Skill development solutions for digital manufacturing.  Your work develops the next generation of industry professionals.
  • Proof-of-concept solutions for industry to explore options, trade-offs, and select optimal solutions for implementation.
  • Digital manufacturing solutions enabling inventors and entrepreneurs with grassroots innovation for real-world problems.
  • Solutions to empower cottage industries and small businesses with innovative digital manufacturing services.




  • Register yourself with basic details on our career portal
  • Follow us on social media –
  • Apply based on areas of interest – CNC / Robotics / Automation
  • Select the convenient assessment completion date



  • Get your competency tested with our modular technical assessment (Duration: 45min, Type: Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Assessment evaluation and competency mapping by the Abhyaz team
  • Optional training recommendations as necessary to bridge skill gaps



  • Get selected for your live HR Panel Session
  • Attend a group orientation on your internship
  • Perform to be selected and awarded the internship



  • You will receive an offer customized to your competencies and needs
  • Accept your internship offer online
  • Start your internship on the given date



  • Discuss preferences with mentor and arrive at project assignment
  • Complete training modules and reassessment in relevant technologies
  • Familiarization with collaboration & engineering tools and processes



  • Start working on your problem statement and documenting solutions
  • Collaborate with your peers and mentors to build creative solutions
  • Evaluate your findings and choose the best solution
  • Simulate & optimize solutions in engineering application software
  • Build your project deliverables: report, blog article, and presentation
  • Conduct peer and mentor reviews and submit your work products



  • Present & publish your project on and social media
  • Get mentor & peer endorsements & achievements on social media
  • Develop your job-ready resume with your project completion certificate
  • Consider follow-on internships in complementary technology areas to build a well-rounded profile in digital manufacturing

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