Internships in Automation


Technology: Pneumatics, Hydraulics, PLC, HMI, SCADA, Mechatronics

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Industries: Automotive and Ancillary industries, Process Automation, FMCG, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Process instrumentation applications

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OEM Brands:  Festo, SMC, Bosch, Siemens, Omron, Delta, Rockwell

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Skill Sectors in NSDC: Automotive, Capital Goods, Electronics, Aerospace, Instrumentation, and Automation

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Industrial Job Roles: PLC programmer, Automation application engineer, Automation technician, Instrumentation technician, PLC application engineer, Controls and automation engineer, Automation maintenance technician

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Project Areas: Process automation, Application development, Digital twin applications, Virtual commissioning, Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) applications, Industrial communications, Industry 4.0

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Engineering software: Automsim, Autogem  Automation

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Career Path in Automation

Internship Schedule

Batch 1

  • Technology: Modular Process Automation Applications
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Type: Full time
  • Time: 9 am to 1 pm

Batch 2

  • Technology: Modular Process Automation Applications
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Type: Full time
  • Time: 3 pm to 7 pm
Sample Internship Project:
Agricultural – Smart Irrigation System

Agricultural – Smart Irrigation System For Fields With IoT Enabled Monitoring

In this Project, the water tank level is continuously monitored. When the water reaches low level, a low level sensor will activate and It triggers the water inlet pump. Once the water reaches the maximum level, the maximum level sensor will activate and it stops the water Pump. In the field, placed soil moisture sensor to sense the moisture level of the soil. If the soil gets dry then the sensor senses low moisture level and automatically switches on the water pump to supply water to the plant. As plant get sufficient water and soil gets wet then sensor senses sufficient moisture in soil. After which the water pump will automatically stop.  Smart irrigation system is connected with an IoT application. The various data are collected such water consumption, health status, climate changes, utilized for performance analysis.

Sample Internship Project:
Process Automation – Sorting the Boxes

Process Automation – Sorting The Boxes Using Color Sensor And Turn Table

In this project, two different color (Red & Blue) boxes are moving along the conveyor, need to sort them based on the color using the color sensor and turn table. Based on the color sensor feedback turn table will transfer the boxes into respective directions. So the red boxes will move to the line 1 conveyor and the blue boxes will move to the line 2 conveyor for different applications.

Sample Internship Project:
Home Automation – Rain Sensing Window

Home Automation – Automatic Rain Sensing Windows For High Store Buildings

Smart Home Automation Control Systems – allow you to integrate and control security, heating and air, lighting, entertainment, and other home systems with simple convenience. Home controls provides system hubs and smart home controllers from the biggest names in home automation and security. Open and close your windows remotely or automatically without interrupting activities with Window Opener Systems, remotely open/close the window at your discretion or according to a programmed schedule.

Sample Internship Project:
Process Automation With RFID System

Design & Simulation of Automatic Storage And Retriever System In Public Libraries With RFID System

In public libraries, it’s very difficult to keep/place the books after take them out from a specific rack position. So, in this project, providing solution for automatic storage and retriever system to keep them in particular position. The RFID tags stores the information of the book details such as category, rack position etc., embedded in the books, the RIFD reader is write/read the data in RFID tag.

Sample Internship Project:
Process Automation – Robotic Work Cell

Design Machine Tending Robotic Work Cell System To Select Robot Program Selection

Interfacing of field devices such as Emergency Stop, Robot On & Off, actuators, safety sensors. Programming of control system – PLC, preparation of electrical diagrams, I/O list, designing of HMI system, simulation of machining tending robotics work cell.

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