Engineering Software Applications

Key Features

  • 3D Simulation Software in CNC, Robotics, Automation & Industry 4.0
  • Industrial application & control simulation with built in Computer based teaching guide for students and teachers
  • Multifunctional programming capabilities: Practise and simulate different types or modes of programming.
  • User friendly 3D GUI emulating actual systems: Powerful graphics, including plan view, side view, 3D and auto zoom that simulates the program, demonstrating results, highlights faults and errors in the program
  • Learn good programming practices, Safety standards, Quality measurements, troubleshooting, corrective methods and the risk of flawed/ unsafe programming
  • Access to extensive library of sample programs, applications, tutorials
  • DoE: Design of Experiments: Build different industrial applications and gain industry relevant skills thru case studies and project based learning.
  • Solve industrial problems and build your internship portfolio: Access industrial requirement, Design the solution thru an application, simulate the result and validate your solution.
  • Import and export CAD files for your project, build and simulate complex industrial case studies
  • Make a video or save your actual project in original format as done in the software.
  • Access to different controls / manufacturers in CNC, Robotics, Automation & Industry 4.0.

Basic CNC Software

CNCTrain CNCTrain

  • CNC Turning & Milling with CAM: ISO, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens
  • Virtual MDI Panel and CNC Display window for Simulation of CNC Programs
  • User-friendly Tooling window with Tool selection, Tool and work shift offset, Tool Length, and library function with auto tool offset.
  • Trainees can interact with the simulation using the tool bar to change views and control the speed of the simulation.

Basic Robotics Software


  • Serial manipulator with prismatic and revolute joints.
  • 3D model generated based on DH parameters
  • Forward and Inverse Kinematics
  • Virtual Robot Module (17+ CAD Models of Industrial Robots)


  • Easy to use and simulate – User friendly Design
  • Teach pendant for Axial & Cartesian movement of robot
  • Commands: Point to point (Cartesian / Axial) & Path (Line / Spline / Circle)
  • Tool path tracer (Tool ON / OFF)


  • Ready-made applications in 3D environment for robot and world objects
  • Extensive library of Tools (inbuilt / custom)
  • Grasping CAD objects
  • The industrial robot arm functions like linear, circular, spline path generation, joint & Cartesian movement of robot can be simulated.

Advanced Robotics Software

Workspace Workspace

  • Robotics: Different Manufacturers – ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Staubli, MTAB, Panasonic (15+ manufacturers) and Different robot types (100+ robot types)
  • Accurate Kinematic modelling of robots and mechanisms.
  • Supports standard I/O simulation between robots and mechanisms.
  • Identify interferences and collisions with the Collision detection feature.
Automation Software

Pneumatics & Hydraulics

  • Automsim application designing.
  • Programming Language: Grafcet-Well steps, source steps, Macrosteps, forcing, memorisation of states, settings, encapsulation, 60848 grafcet norm
  • Syntax collaboration and automatic error localization make fast corrections possible.
  • Generation of self compacting executives for deployment of applications.

PLC Circuit design and simulation

  • Creating powerful 3D simulations – realtime rendering using Unity 3d or Unreal Engine (using ray tracing),
  • More than 60 predefined objects & 15 ready-to-use examples illustrate the use of the library objects.
  • Connection with many PLCs brands and models, simulation software and robot programming software
  • They have the dual-purpose of being able to test the functioning of the objects before realizing the program that will use them and also to simulate failures.
Industry 4.0: Plant design, Plant optimization and Process planning


  • Three navigation screens available to view all the devices working during runtime
  • Each machine status and individual process time is displayed at time
  • Estimated time allocation for each command
  • Manufacturing Concept Planning – Process planning in the shop floor layout

Digital Twin Software

  • Virtual commissioning of automation system
  • Import from the main CAD softwares or 3d files
  • Industrial automation objects library including robots library affordable
  • The configuration of each object is accessible and editable