Engineering Software Applications



Automsim Premium (Pneumatics & Hydraulics Software)

Pneumatics and Hydraulics software is a workshop for automation, 2D/3D process simulation, and pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical simulation.

It is used in teaching for learning about automation, and within the industry for application development. The outstanding user-friendly development environment allows the operators to concentrate on the essential part of their work.

  • Automsim application designing.
  • Program generation for PLCs, specific targets and PCs (using the PC as automaton with input and output card guidance)
  • Supervision application designing
  • 3D simulation of operative elements, generation of demonstration animation
  • 3D design importing (3D studio, AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDCONCEPTER, etc.)
  • Import of 3D files SOLIDWORKS, 3D STUDIO, VRML, etc… TOKAMAK physical engine
  • Fully configurable environment
  • Generation of self compacting executives for deployment of applications
  • Allows the creation of programs with standardized languages (IEC 1131-3, SysML), simulation on PC, code generation and downloading for PLCs
  • Users can spend their time on their work without wasting time with complicated handling or complex syntax
  • Syntax coloration and automatic error localization make fast corrections possible
Programming Languages

Ladder, Logic, Flow chart, Literal, Function blocks, Grafcet/SFC, CEI 1131-3

Grafcet-Well steps, source steps, Macrosteps, forcing, memorization of states, settings, encapsulation, 60848 grafcet norm

Technical Characteristics


Actuators, Directional valves, Flow control, Flow lines, Links, Logic, Pressure control, Push buttons, Sensors, Sequencers, Timers, Proportional


Actuators, Directional valves, Flow controls, Flow lines, Links, Pressure controls, Sensors, Proportional


Connections, Contacts, Links, Motors, Output components, Power sources, Sensors

Digital Electronics

Coders, decoders, comparator, Counters, Display, Flip-flop, Logical gates, Other power sources

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Virtual Universe Pro (PLC Programming and Applications)

VIRTUAL UNIVERSE PRO is an innovative software for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, enabling to create and simulate virtual machines in a 3D environment with a physical engine.

Simulations may be created from an object library customizable by user or importing a full model from the main CAD softwares: Solidworks, Inventor, Catia, Solid Edge or also from the main 3D files formats: 3DXML, 3DS, OBJ, etc.
Oculus rift and Htc Vive VR headsets and controllers are compatible.

These simulations can run in realtime, controlled by a PLC (virtual commissioning: the main PLCs and automation softwares drivers are included in the product) connected to the PC or by a built-in virtual controller or by a computer software using an IP connection.

Simulations are fully interactive, users can catch and move objects in the 3D world. HMI can also be created.
Diagrams in the electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and digital electronic domains can be created and simulated linked to the 3D objects.

Fields of applications are validation of PLC programs, operator training and the creation of interactive presentations.

Software Features
  • Creating powerful 3D simulations of automated systems. Drive the simulations with a real PLC, an automation workshop* or a virtual controller included in Virtual PLC Application software.
  • More than 60 predefined objects
  • Fifteen ready-to-use examples illustrate the use of the library objects
  • Control panels are used to drive the objects manually and to observe the various associated states
  • They have the dual purpose of being able to test the functioning of the objects before realizing the program that will use them and also to simulate failures
  • The configuration of each object is accessible and editable, this allows you to redefine the characteristics of the objects of the library and to understand how to create your own objects
  • You can also mix library objects with your own creations created from your usual CAD* software
  • For each object, an optimized interface composed of inputs, outputs and parameters makes it easy to control the object from an automation program

Virtual PLC programming is the solution without compromise:

  • Realtime rendering using Unity 3d or Unreal Engine (using ray tracing)
  • Robots and “classic” automation systems simulation
  • Virtual commissioning of automation system
  • Connection with many PLCs brands and models, simulation softwares (Eg. Siemens Plcsim) and robot programing software (Eg. Abb RobotStudio)
  • Import from the main CAD softwares (Eg. Solidworks) or 3d files
  • Use of the main physic engines (Eg. Nvidia Physx V4)
  • Industrial automation objects library including robots library affordable.

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