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RoboAnalyzer® is a 3D model based software that can be used to teach and learn the Robotics concepts.

  •  Serial manipulator with prismatic and revolute joints
  •  DH parameters as input
  •  3D model generated based on DH parameters
  •  Visualize DH parameters
  •  Forward Kinematics
  •  Inverse Kinematics
  •  Animation with trace of end-effector
  •  Plot graphs
  •  Virtual Robot Module (17+ CAD Models of Industrial Robots)
    • Joint-level jogging
    • Cartesian-level jogging
    • Cartesian straight line motion
  • Save and Open Robot Models


M-Robot is user-friendly 3D software for robot programming and simulation. This software gives the flexibility to design your applications and import them into the 3D software for simulation. Ready-made applications are available to train the user in the operations of the robot such as movement, programming and code generation. M-Robot has graphics which enable you to visualize the robot from various angles as the robot moves in the simulated application. It allows you to watch your code at work thus finalizing your program for operation and protecting the robot from accidents. Once your programs are ready and verified in an offline and online Software, the students can use it in the online mode to work the robot.

Software Feature
  • Online and Offline simulation Software
  • Easy to use and simulate – User friendly Design
  • User friendly Teach pendant to programAxial & Cartesian movement of robot
  • Robot Commands
  • Import/Export robot programs
  • Robot program flow control
  • CommandsPoint to point (Cartesian / Axial)
  • Path (Line / Spline / Circle)
  • Tool path tracer (Tool ON / OFF)
  • Particularly favored forResearch & Development in robotics
  • Designing projects and applications

M Robot
3D Software Supports

This 3D Software can support three Models of Robot simulation:

  1. Aristo Robot – 6 Axes
  2. Mini Robot – 5 Axes
  3. SCARA Robot – 4 Axes

ARISTOSIM Simulation Software

This ARISTO SIM is designed to control a 6-Axis articulated robot (ARISTO) in a virtual environment. Once the simulated program is satisfactory and meets the required process, the program can be loaded to the real-time robot (ARISTO) to carry out these experiments. Thus ARISTO SIM can work as a standalone system and can also be combined with Real-time Robot (ARISTO) for Training of Engineering students and Industry Professionals.

The industrial robot arm functions like linear, circular, spline path generation, joint & Cartesian movement of robot can be simulated. ARISTO SIM also includes features like Import/Export of CAD files in STEP format, selection of various types of End-effectors from the Tools library, creation of rectangular box, cylinder are also possible for work cell development and it also includes many practice programs for engineering students to learn about the use of Robots and its applications.

  • Offline simulation software
  • Easy to use & simulate – user friendly design
  • Readymade applications in 3D environment – 3D environment for robot and world objects
  • User friendly Teach pendant to program
    • Axial & Cartesian movement of robot
    • Robot Commands
    • Import/Export robot programs
    • Robot program flow control
  • Commands
    • Point to point (Cartesian / Axial)
    • Path (Line / Spline / Circle)
  • Design of applications through CAD Explorer
    • Create/Import models
    • Insert standard robot pedestal & table
  • Extensive library of Tools
    • Tool Library (inbuilt / custom)
    • Grasping CAD objects
  • Machine status display
  • Tool path tracer (Tool ON / OFF)
  • Applications package
    • Readily available
    • Applications can also be designed as per user requirements
  • Particularly favoured for
    • Research & Development in robotics
    • Designing projects and applications

In-built Applications

  • Arc Welding
  • Testing
  • LASER Cutting
  • Assembling
  • Deburring
  • Material Handling
  • Grinding
  • Miscellaneous
  • Polishing
  • Fun with Aristo

Workspace Workspace LT Simulation Software

Workspace LT™ simulation software brings industrial grade robot and automation simulation to educational institutions. Developed for the educational market, Workspace LT™ provides an affordable Windows-based solution for teaching the concepts and programming of Robots and other manufacturing automation equipment.

While offering full offline programming, and the ability to simulate complex workcells with multiple robots and automation devices, and targeted at the educational market, Workspace LT™ is also designed to allow you to make maximum use of the resources at your disposal.

  • 3D CAD modelling
    • Eliminates the need for other CAD software
    • Allows import of CAD data created elsewhere
    • Pre-packed with extensive library of robots
  • 3D mouse support
    • – Supports use of SpaceMouse for actions on model
    • – Offers much higher level of control over traditional devices
    • – Makes workflow considerably more efficient 
  • True-to-life simulation
    • – Provides accurate Kinematic modeling 
    • – Supports standard I/O simulation between robots and mechanisms
    • – Helps identify and resolve interferences before they happen
    • – Supports many native robot languages

Extensive library

With support for many commercially available robots and scripting languages, Workspace LT™ makes it easy for you to hit the ground running:

  • ABB: 1400, 2400_10, 2400L, 6400 24, 6400 28, 6400 S, 6700_150_320, 4400_45
  • Fanuc: M410i, LRMATE 200, S420iW, S900W, S430iw
  • Kawasaki: FS 10C, FS 10E, FA 06N, FS 06L, FS 06N, FA 20N, FS 20N, JS 5. FS 45N, JS 30
  • Kuka: IR16160, KR210_R3100, KR6-2
  • Motoman: HP20, SK6, SK16, SK45-30, SK45, SK120-75, SV3, SSF2000
  • MTAB: Aristo
  • Nachi: PV30 1000
  • Microbot: Teachmover
  • Panasonic: KS v20-102, KS v20-78
Scripting languages
  • AS
  • Inform II
  • Karel II
  • Karel III
  • Rapid
  • TP

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