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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

10 courses


300+ hours of skill development

hours of skill development

600+ minutes of e-learning content

minutes of e-learning content

Topics Covered

  • Across Digital Manufacturing
  • Plant Location, Plant Design, and Plant Optimization
  • Popular PLM Software Siemens Tecnomatix, Flexsim

Industry 4.0 Courses

Basics of IoT

40 Hours

Basics of Industrial IoT, & IoT applications, development of basic IoT applications.

Level: Basic

Industrial IoT Applications

40 Hours

IoT applications – Modular automation Plant System, Smart Factory

Data point mapping, IoT gate way configuration, Data point onboarding and visualisation in fleet manager

Level: Advanced

Shop Floor Design

120 Hours

Smart factory design case studies including plant location and layout design, Value stream mapping, Energy consumption, and process time estimation.

Level: Expert

Plant Optimisation

120 Hours

Smart factory optimization case studies including line balancing, energy optimisation, layout and location optimisation, process time and sequence optimisation

Level: Expert