Offer on-demand talent development to ensure team upskilling and retention

Offer on-demand talent development to ensure team upskilling and retention

Technology adoption requires newer and customized training programs. Such up-to-date training and customization are difficult to achieve with traditional training mechanisms which are by their very nature slow to adapt and change. 

What you need is an online training platform like Abhyaz which is nimble, adaptable and available anytime, anywhere. With the virtual infrastructure and access to remote trainers that Abhyaz brings to the table, the whole equation changes for the better. Because It is now possible to customize training programs and deliver them across geographies with ease!

Using Abhyaz, employees and managers can also design training programs and deliver them seamlessly. One of Abhyaz’s strongest attributes is that it allows byte-sized learning — i.e., training in short bursts of time whenever the trainee is available rather than long sessions that are necessarily the case with traditional mechanisms. There are a couple of reasons that make this a significant advantage of Abhyaz. 

One, it is not easy to release a trainee for long-duration training in most manufacturing environments. Production schedules/work schedules seldom allow the manager to deploy team members for such training. 

Two, research shows that training delivered over an intense long-duration program isn’t absorbed all that well. This leads to training ineffectiveness and the trainer/training company being blamed in many cases! Instead, training should ideally be taken/delivered over shorter instances over a longer period of time. 

Training programs should also ideally be available at the trainee’s location. In a traditional sense, this becomes expensive as the volume or the infrastructure do not justify cost optimization. 

Abhyaz solves all the above problems. Its online training courses can be customized for smaller batch sizes, shorter durations, scheduled at your convenience, delivered in shorter bursts for increased training effectiveness and at affordable costs.


On-demand talent development.