Showcase achievements with your skill portfolio to develop a professional resume

Showcase achievements with your skill portfolio to develop a professional resume

In most traditional training programs, you exit the same after acquiring your certificate of completion. What next? You build up your resumé where you add in the certification. But do you have anything other than words to show for it? 

Invariably, when you wish to be considered for a promotion, be interviewed for a job, or apply for higher education, you are asked to showcase jobs you have completed using the new skills. If your resumé cannot actually showcase examples of your work done (and most cannot considering they can only use words to describe your talents), you are asked to prove your skills by solving a related problem or challenge. Traditionally, this means working from scratch on some new system and proving your worth all over again. Abhyaz changes all that! 

The Abhyaz platform allows you to store lifelong all the work you put in throughout your training program as an e-portfolio. Work that you can then showcase to any one in real-time mode. All your learning and practical work that you do during the course are therefore available to you at all times to immediately pull out and show interviewers your capabilities, very much as a part of your resumé itself.  

What’s more, Abhyaz is also built for students like you to offer digital internships to corporates. This opens up a whole new world of the new ‘gig economy’ where employers can offer short-term projects to achievers such as you and have them solved creatively and affordably. What it builds for you is industry relevance and readiness. Besides of course building a revenue stream even while you learn!


Go beyond words in your resumé… showcase your skills practically!