• Educator

    …for educators seeking online reach and offline delivery

    We offer managed online learning and practice platform and services including:

    • learning management system with live, blended, and collaborative learning features
    • rich interactive structured content in key manufacturing technologies
    • relevant learning software available as online virtual desktops or offline client install
    • community collaboration to serve target market better by pooling learners and bundling offerings.
  • Maker

    …for makers, centers, and lab operator franchises

    We work with lab owners to integrate equipment into our public cloud platform to:

    • deliver blended learning experiences with live guidance, rich offline content, and remote accessible software
    • maximize investment utilization by serving remote users and satellite learning centers
    • drive community engagement with online reach, social features, and competitive activities
    • transform labs into community hubs to lower barriers to local entrepreneurship.
  • Enterprise

    …for enterprise evolution to talent ecosystems

    We work with customers and partners to enable a managed virtual private cloud service to develop:

    • data-driven talent sourcing with practical skill assessments
    • role based new-hire competency assessment and guided onboarding
    • on-demand upskilling resources and services for an empowered agile workforce
    • technical learning extended across enterprise value-chains into suppliers and distribution
    • digital learning communities to seed and support innovative gig economy ecosystems at advanced skill levels.
  • Personal

    …for individuals pursuing manufacturing careers

    We enable lifelong learning in an ever evolving digital manufacturing technology landscape, by offering:

    • open platform with learning resources, assessments, and community guidance
    • optional paid access to guided practice lab programs to address competency gaps
    • ability to share learning activity outcomes and certified credentials
    • participation in employer-led assessments and contests to gain access to next level opportunities
    • participate in the evolving digital manufacturing gig and freelance economy.
  • At a glance

    17000+ trained17000+
    1500+ hours of skill development programs1500+
    hours of skill development programs
    100+ industry relevant courses100+
    industry relevant courses
    45+ team members45+
    team members
  • 35+ year legacy in manufacturing and skill development

    MTAB Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a 35+ year old OEM manufacturing Skill Development Equipment & Solutions in Automation, CNC, robotics, Industry 4.0

    MTAB Technology Centre Pvt Ltd. (MTC) – the Training arm of MTAB was spun-off in 2011 to focus completely on skill development & training in Advanced Manufacturing Technology

    Abhyaz.com builds upon this rich legacy to deliver our depth of manufacturing skill development expertise through our online learning platform and services in the 21st century

    We’re proud to be a Woman Entrepreneur-led firm, and we are a registered MSME business

  • Global Presence across 30+ Countries

  • Key Customers

    VNIT, Nagpur

    PEC, Chandigarh

    NIT, Warangal

    VTU, Belgaum

    Siemens Technology & Services

    NIT, Kurukshetra

    HMT International



    Delphi TVS

    NTTF – Tata Skill Development Center

    Industrial Training Institute ITI Haryana

    RTU, Kota

    NIT, Shillong

    Rakiya Engineering College, Azamgarh

    DTE Gujarat

    CIPET across India

  • Partnerships and Accreditations

  • Abhyaz Team

    Sashi Sairaman

    Team leader of a tightly integrated, committed, data-driven, process-oriented team

    Cyril Chemparathy

    Open-source technologist, specialising in semiconductors, distributed embedded systems, edtech

    Aravind Ramachandran

    Perennial salesman, the backbone of the company, and a fantastic people person

    Kalimuthu M

    Engineer and techie, managing a remote team of engineers & trainers, and is an expert in digital (and real) manufacturing

    Jayanthi Anbuchezhiyan

    The go-to engineer for Zoho Desk, Moodle, content management, and is a documentation expert

    Dinesh Kumar D

    CNC trainer, social media enthusiast, a fantastic choice for remote training in Tamil, and has exposure to multi-axis machining

    Suriyakuma S

    CNC machinist, builder & trainer, a fantastic choice for training trainers in Tamil and Hindi, and is an expert in multi-axis machining

    Balaje Palaniyappan

    Enthusiastic robotics & CNC trainer, tri-lingual communicator, innovative course designer, and a fully digital trainer